REBOL for COBOL programmers

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List of all code samples

Date written: November 8, 2012
Date revised:
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This is a list of all code samples and code modules. It does not include the sample applications which are listed elsewhere.

Code samples or little demo programs

These are files of sample code that are not really complete applications. They are incomplete samples, or maybe little demo programs that show how something works. You could view them (left-click) for ideas, or download them (right-click) and modify them.


The sample shows various ways to get operator data into programs.


This is a sample from showing all the possible things you can put in the REBOL header.


This is a skeleton REBOL header that may be used to start a new REBOL program.


This is the program used by the author of this web site to load new data to the web site. It shows one way to use FTP in REBOL. Any personal items have been taken out of this sample.

Code modules that could be used as-is, and their testers

These are files of sample code that are complete modules and could be used in programs as they are. You are welcome to download them (right-click) and "do" them in your programs, if they might be helpful.


This is a color-coding module copied from and modified ever so slightly to make it a callable procedure.


This is a collection of "global services" used in the sample applications presented on this site.


This is a program used to test glb.r and display the test results.


This is a module of services for writing strings of text to a file that eventually will become html code.


This is a module of services for working with a "NACHA" file which is the text file read by the "nachalist" sample application.

Complete, or fairly complete, programs

These are programs that are complete, or could be made so for your use with a couple lines of modifications.


This is a little "party favor" that shows a digital clock and counts a timer from some starting number of minutes down to zero, and then sounds a horn when it hits zero.


This is a program that shows an idea for creating html documentation out of structured comments before the REBOL header.