Longevity of this site

Date written: February 4, 2015
Date revised: 28-SEP-2020
Date reviewed: 28-SEP-2020

This explains a possible end-of-life scenario for this site.

Home to www.cobolrebol.com

Preserving this site if you like it

This site was started as, and probably will remain as, a retirement hobby. That means that at any time, all updates could stop forever. Shortly after that, the site would go down forever as the hosting fee stopped being paid. A sad reality, but a fate that awaits us all.

So, to cover the case where someone might possibly find this site useful, I have made a github account called "cobolrebol" and put most of the scripts in "free stuff" there. As of 2020, most of the useful stuff here is the free stuff.

A note about a backup site

This site originally was hosted on a free (as in beer) hosting organization, Then, when it became clear that there would be enough content to make it worth the effort, it was copied to a place where, for a small fee, it could have its own name. So now, updates are posted to both places and the two sites should be identical. Posting is done with REBOL scripts, so it is no more work to post to two places than to one.

Here are the two locations, the "official" one with its own name and the free one which now functions as a backup.