GNU/Linux installation guide

Date written: November 14, 2016
Date revised: March 10, 2022
Date reviewed: November 14, 2016

This is a short list of short installation guides for various platforms.

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Important disclaimer

I don't necessarily know what I am doing. The documents indexed by this list are short installation guides for various platforms, in a bit more detail than just explaining how to download and unpack. These documents were created when I was trying to decide what kind of computer to purchase for personal use, and had a number of constraints, some mutually exclusive. One was that the chosen computer had to be able to run REBOL in some manner. So, to keep track of how easy/hard/possible it is to use REBOL on various computers, I took advantage of some different platforms at home and work and installed REBOL on them, and made notes. The notes are presented here in case they are helpful to others. The installations described here are not necessarily the best ways to do things. I was interested mainly in getting REBOL to work in a satisfactory manner.

opensuse 13.2 32-bit

This is a 64-bit computer running a 32-bit opensuse. I used the 32-bit opensuse because I tried to get REBOL to run on 64-bit and could not.

Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit

This is a 64-bit computer running a 64-bit Ubuntu. It seems that REBOL, which is 32-bit, can be made to run with the proper libraries.

Atronix REBOL3 on 64-bit Windows 10

This is a note on a successful attempt to download and run the REBOL3 version maintained by Atronix Engineering.