REBOL [ Title: "Take a letter, Maria" Purpose: {Use a skeleton of a basic letter and fill it in with text requested from a window. This saves us the labor of opening a word-processing program to type a basic letter.} ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This is a program named after the song that starts with, ] ;; [ "Take a letter, Maria," by R. B. Greaves. ] ;; [ It provides a box for the text of a letter, and then fills that text ] ;; [ into a letter template and formats an html page suitable for printing. ] ;; [ This program was created because the author got tired of fighting ] ;; [ with a popular large word-processing program to do the logically ] ;; [ simple task of writing a basic letter for printing. ] ;; [ The reason this works is that there are features in html that control ] ;; [ the margins around various parts of the page content. In the template ] ;; [ below, the margins of the page are set to zero, which forces any ] ;; [ browser-produced headings off the physical page. Then the margins ] ;; [ around the body move the body into the page. The end result is that ] ;; [ the html page contains the letter you wrote without any headers or ] ;; [ footers or page numbers or file names produced by the browser. ] ;; [ To use this program for your own purposes, modify the template. ] ;; [ Note that when typing the body of the letter into the text area, ] ;; [ if you want what will appear to be a paragraph break, use the "enter" ] ;; [ key at the end of a paragraph to move to the next line, and then ] ;; [ immediately hit the "enter" key again to make a blank line. ] ;; [ The result of these keystrokes is that your text will contain a ] ;; [ double line-feed at the point where you want a blank line in the ] ;; [ letter body. The program replaces double line-feeds with the "br" ] ;; [ tag to make a blank line. ] ;; [ Note also that the trick below of fiddling with the margin seems to ] ;; [ work in Chrome but not in IE. To make it suppress the headers and ] ;; [ footers in IE, it seems you have to go to the "page setup" menu and ] ;; [ turn them off manually before printing. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] LETTER-TEMPLATE: { Letter

<% now/date %>

Mister Smith
123 Main St
Minneapolis MN 55431




Sincerely yours,

Mister Smith

} DOUBLE-LF: rejoin [newline newline] LETTER-TO: copy "" LETTER-SALUTATION: copy "" LETTER-BODY: copy "" DEFAULT-FILEID: %UntitledLetter.html SAVE-FILEID: none FORMAT-LETTER: does [ either equal? "" MAIN-FILEID/text [ SAVE-FILEID: DEFAULT-FILEID ] [ SAVE-FILEID: to-file trim/all get-face MAIN-FILEID ] LETTER-TO: MAIN-TO/text LETTER-SALUTATION: get-face MAIN-SALUTATION LETTER-BODY: MAIN-BODY/text replace/all LETTER-TO newline

" write SAVE-FILEID build-markup LETTER-TEMPLATE browse SAVE-FILEID ] MAIN-WINDOW: layout [ across banner "Take a letter, Maria" font [shadow: none] return label "TO" tab MAIN-TO: area 400x60 as-is return label "DEAR" tab MAIN-SALUTATION: field 400 return label "BODY" tab MAIN-BODY: area 800x600 return label "FILEID" tab MAIN-FILEID: field 400 "UntitledLetter.html" return button "Quit" [quit] button "Format" [FORMAT-LETTER] ] view center-face MAIN-WINDOW